What does generally legal mean?

It is also called general law, general statute. Customary heir in English law. The common law heir is one who, after the death of his father or ancestor, has the right to all his lands, homes and inheritances and is introduced to them. It must be whole-blooded, not a bastard, alien, &c.

Heir, B 2; Coparceners; Descendancy. It belongs to or designates the genus or class, as opposed to what characterizes the species or the individual. Universal, not particularized; as opposed to special. Main or central; as opposed to local.

Open or available to everyone, instead of selecting it. Common or universally recognized achievement; as opposed to the particular, universal or unlimited; as opposed to limited. The word, which encompasses the whole, or addresses the whole; unlike everything that applies to or is designed for only one part. As a noun, the word is the title of a chief army officer, usually one who leads an entire army, division, corps, or brigade.

In the United States military, the rank of “general” is the highest possible, after that of commander in chief, and is only created occasionally. The officers who remain in rank are the lieutenant general, the major general and the brigadier general.