What is the legal entity name of the business owner?

A corporation, sometimes called a C corporation, is a legal entity separate from its owners. Corporations can make a profit, pay taxes, and be held legally responsible. The four main types of business entities include sole ownership, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation. Entities are expected to comply with state laws by submitting specific documents and paying mandatory fees to legally establish the company.

A corporation is a popular type of legal business entity in which owners are protected by limited liability. Its statute restricts its name and scope of activities. A corporation, also known as a C corporation, is a legal entity that can make a profit, be held legally responsible, and also be taxable. Stakeholders who are also employees can take advantage of certain tax-exempt benefits, such as health insurance.

Creating companies is more expensive compared to other business structures. They also require comprehensive operational processes, accounting, reporting, and tax compliance. Companies pay income taxes on their profits and sometimes pay taxes twice, based on profits and dividends. They are a good choice for companies with medium or high risk.

Other types of companies, such as the S corporation and the B corporation, are also governed by corporate statutes. When incorporated, there must first be a shareholder agreement. There are several third-party B company certification services, but none are required for a company to be legally considered a category B company in a state where legal personality is available.